About Us

Nichole Howe
Partner & Lodging Manager

Hood Canal Hideaway Vacation Rentals is a full-stack vacation rental management company handling homes around Gig Harbor, Key Peninsula and Hood Canal areas of Washington State.

Supported by the Vortex Managers, we provide on-site, in-touch services for guests and owners.

We assist with reservation, accounting, administration and front office services for homeowner associations, resorts and individual vacation property owners.

Condominiums to private homes, we have many lodging opportunities to suit every taste and budget.

Owning a second home is a dream come true for many folks. Maybe it’s your weekend getaway, a place to entertain family and friends. Maybe you just come to enjoy the great outdoors.

Or maybe you want to rent it out as a vacation rental when you are away. But how can you get the best price, for the least work and wear and tear?

Decades of Experience

My name is Nichole Howe. My partners and I have answers to your questions, whether you want to profit from vacation rentals or just need help maintaining your property.

As a member of Vortex VIP, which started in 1964, we operate in a dozen locations across Washington, Idaho and Hawaii.


We can help you locate just the lodging you want. From inns and resorts to vacation rentals. Fancy to budget. Nightly or weekly rentals. All units are personally inspected, cleaned and maintained. We assure you of a quality place to stay at a reasonable price.


By participating in various prestigious lodging networks we can market and serve properties with extra care and skill.

We can help increase occupancy and returns in one or more ways.

  • Turn-Key program. Full Service management, we do all the work.

  • Betwixt program. Full Service management, for 30+ day extended stay rentals.

  • Front-Door program. We handle just advertising, sales & Accounting.

  • Home-Minder. You do bookings. We do bookings plus housekeeping and home watch.

  • Darwin program. If you use a booking agent, we provide onsite services & extra bookings.

  • Varoom Co-op program. Sends extra bookings to Rent-by-Owners.

  • Bedfinders program. Reservation Referrals.

MORE INFORMATION: You can see a list of services and benefits on our How to List Your Property Page.

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